Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

"Missing someone gets easier every day because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will."
Yesterday my boyf flew to America for a work trip for a couple of weeks and it made me realise how much I missed him and how different it was without him around. The last time we experienced it was when I was in Sydney for work so it's not our first time-but regardless it still has an impact on you especially if you see that someone on a daily basis! Actually we used to have a 'mini' long-distance relationship when we were in our teens if you can even call it that as we lived in different cities! That feels soo long ago...those times were more difficult as we were young and just at the beginning of our relationship.

It's interesting for us how we have both experienced the different sides to a long distance relationship as a result of work trips abroad-never expected to be doing it so early on in our careers haha! But it's definitely another stepping stone in a relationship and inevitably makes the relationship stronger. Personally for me, I believe that "Trust", "Honesty" and "Communication" are the key factors in creating a long-lasting relationship (and love obviously!) especially trust. If you don't trust your other half, no matter how near or far they are from you- the relationship will not last. So when my boyf told me he will be taken to strip clubs, bars and clubs where there will be lots of scantily-clad women... I was like "Hey, you know I totally TRUST you....!!!" >.<

I have so much respect for couples that are in long-distance relationships as it takes so much to make it work being so far apart and not being able to see each other-however if it works, it's a great indicator of how strong your relationship is and is totally worth it in the end. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mini Me

So I recently changed my car...well when I say recently it was a few weeks/months ago actually! Been super occupied lately to blog. Back to the car, well for those that know me know that I am no car fanatic and if my old car (Toyota Yaris) did not konk out on me....I would never of got a new car for a while! Basically, my old Yaris was a auto and had this issue of not starting up (each time this happened I had to get my Ikea brolly out to whack the engine a few times!! This always did the trick however I did get some funny stares from passer-bys!) The final few times I drove it it just went into neutral whilst I was moving! I mean how dangerous and scary is that? After that, everytime I got in I was scared...scared of when it would just stop. It meant I barely drove it and when I did it was for really short drives-long motorway drives were totally outta the question!

Well after much deliberation and 'uuming and ahhh-ing' I finally decided to go for it and got the car I really thinks they are the most common cars around at the moment and obv because of the size. Well seeing as I got to choose I went for it and fulfilled my dreams of being a Mini owner woop! Even though the car was second-hand (nope could not afford a new one unfortunately) it was brand new to me!!!! Was super exciting to pick it up and it even came with a Bulldog plushie! How adorable! Made for me ha!

Even though I was really reluctant to buy the car, I have really fallen in love with it! It is an amazing smooth drive and sooo luxurious inside! It's even got mood lighting-how romantic ey? More importantly, it has definitely been a good decision as my boyf recently sold his car to save on costs as living in the city a car is not really needed-now we both ues one and he chips in towards all the costs! YAY! And by the way, he has totally taken back his negative comments about the Mini-he says it's such a nice drive and decent car...ha guys ey? Always think they know it all about cars! He totally misses his car, however he drives most the time when we go out anyway as I'm not too fussed with driving and much rather be a passenger ;)

My Mini and boyf's ex 2nd wifey ;)

Well that's all for now, promise I will be back to update my blog more often! Ciao~ xxx