Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Americano Weekend

So the boyf arrived back from America on has already been 4 weeks since he left! Spent the weekend chilling together which was nice :)  He tells me he came back to see me especially....however I found out that the Premier League season started this weekend....hmmm great timing huh? Haha! Can't believe he left for that long....and most likely will have to return there in a couple of days...GREAT! >.< At least he got to travel in STYLE..uber jealous! I have never flown business...YET! Daymmmm! He brought back some yummy American treats....I'm totally in love with the Hershey's chocoloate (especially the white chocolate-cookies & cream....Mmmmmmm nom nom!!!) and I got a new iPod....a big fat upgrade from my 6 year old 6gb iPod mini which doesn't even turn on anymore =( . Now I can put all my music on it and also use it in my car! Woo! ^__^

Boyf sent me this to get me all jealous...yeah yeah Business-Class >.<

American Goodies!

HERSHEY'S! Cookies & Choc are so delicious!

A Willy Wonka bar!!!

Loved all the goodies - especially the Hershey's! Nearly all gone already tho :-( maybe it's not so bad that the boyf is returning after all kekeke! Re-stock time!!! ^_* 

Thanks for reading~goodbye for now! xxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's Been a While...

Wow I've neglected this space for a while...sorry have been so busy with things lately! Some crazy things have happened since I last been on here, e.g. the riots in UK! I'm just going to update with lots of pictures for this post of some of the things I've been up to in the past few weeks...enjoy!

*WARNING: Picture-Heavy Post!*

"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words"

Bench-Building: "Honey the Little Helper..."

For some reason Honey seems to love to sleep amongst all the tools and the un-finished bench my bro has been building! How adorable huh?! ;)

Bench Completion: Honey marks her spot

Minnie & Mickey :)

It was my cousin's wedding last week during the riots in Brum which was scary! Lucky we got out before it all started kicking off! Few weeks before, I went to her hen-do (my first hen-do actually!) which was in the theme of 'Mickey & Minnie'. Was interesting shall I say! So many people are getting hitched lately, it's kinda scary! Everyone is growing up so fast! Does that mean I am getting old lol?!...


"What you looking at? I don't like walking and what?"
Honey loves chilling in the beach tent - much prefer it than running around the park! Not your typical dog for sure! She knows how to relax haha! ^__^

"However I do like this tent..."

"This is my kind of walking ;)"

Walking past St Pauls

So this was the scene at the entrance of Westfields during the week of the riots-gates and police dogs were there guarding the place. Nothing stops me from a shopping spree haha. Extra security during my trip - why not hey?! ^.^ 

Decisions Decisions.... ^__^

Worst Vietnamese-style noodles ever...Westfields foodcourt - NEVER again!

Just some random pics I've taken in the lsat few weeks...please excuse the quality of the pics as they are all from my phone! Need to get a real camera soon lol  >.< Ciao for now!