Thursday, 22 November 2012

My First Christmas & NYE in Hong Kong

Photo Courtesy of Modern Net

So we finally took the plunge and booked our flights to Hong Kong! I'm so excited to be spending this Christmas and New Years Eve in Hong Kong this year...not only that, it will be my first ever Christmas out there! The amount of times I've been, I have never spent Christmas there so I am super duper excited!

If you have never been before, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, but also  one of the most amazing cities I have been to (I know I am biased right there!). Shopping haven of the world and delightful food kingdom - I am actually most looking forward to all the delicious and yummy food out there and am all ready to's Christmas after all ;)

Of course, I can't forget the shopping that will be unmissable (if a bad thing for my purse) I know I will spendng sooo much so am currently trying to hold back at the moment. HK is known for shopping and everything is so affordable, especially beauty items, so I always make sure that I stock up on everyday products and tools. Having never been for Christmas, I am excited to shop for Winter clothing there too (I will ban myself from buying stuf from stores such as Zara and H&M though...!)

So if you have been following me on Twitter/Instagram, you may have heard me going on about my love for Balenciaga, and of course counting down to pick up my B bag! After my friend picked it up for me from Vegas, I've been counting down the days to pick it up -finally I am able to get my hands on this smoochy baby!!! Obviously this is the main reason I am heading back to HK... ;) Can't wait...will defo share with you when I pick it up.

This year has flown by so fast, and before I know it, it will be time to fly....yet I have so much going on and to prep before I am even ready. All in all, this has been an amazing year so far and I know it will only get better for 2013. Apparently, dreams do come true...looking forward to the exciting times ahead <3

Thanks for reading lovelies & Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US xoxo

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Laura Mercier Oil Free Fondation Primer

Hey y'all! It's been a while since I last posted - work has been super hectic on the lead up to Xmas so every evening, with the little time I have, I just spend it lazying about and watching movies and series! >.<

Well I'm back, and after bleeding my purse again recently on new cosmetic products I figured I better tell you guys all about it! At £28, it is definitely worth a post hey? Yes, I am talking about the much raved about foundation primer by Laura Mercier. Casually strolling through the make-up department of Selfridges (as a girl does) I couldn't resist any longer and caved in to getting this primer:

The Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer

I have been looking for a new primer for ages, one that actually does what it is made for; creating a flawless base for foundation application and long-lasting make-up.

Overall, this felt more like a lotion than your typical primer however I have to say I found that my make-up did last longer throughout the day and applied more evenly. Even though this was meant to be oil-free, I did find that the t-zone began to get oily towards the end of the day and needed powdering.

It is one of the better foundation primers I have used, however for the price tag, I did expect my skin to
be super-model-esque flawless...nonetheless I loved it and think it will be my go-to primer for now =)

Do you use primers and if so which is your fave?

Until next time.....xoxo

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Percy Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask

Drinking my green tea and waiting for my hair to receive another immense pampering from my newest hair mask, figured I should share with you its greatness! This being the Percy Reed 'Totally TLC Hydrating Mask' which I picked up yesterday after getting a blow dry (oh so glam!) before my plush work do =)

It cost £20 for 175ml which is slightly pricey for a salon brand however I have to say I really felt like it has worked its magic on my dry and brittle hair after all the curling/straightening/curling/straightening I've put my hair through lately.

My hair felt super soft and shiny, a drastic change to how it felt after shampooing, where it was dry and extremely 'hay' like! It's only my second time using this and I am already falling in love. Definitely comparable to one of my all time favourite masks by Red Ken, the 'All Soft Heavy Cream' which is made for brittle hair like mine.

Thanks for reading xoxo

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Hey y'all! Since I last blogged, I have finally got my hands on my latest technology baby....the iPhone 5! Finally feel within the 21st century! I loved my 3GS, but it just became over-clogged and sooo slow. Yes am way too excited about it ;)

Anyways, back to today's blog...thought I would share with you one of my fave clay masks:

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

I've been addicted to this mask for years and love the fact that it is sooo affordable at £10.20 (currently on 3 for 2 at Boots) and does such a great job in cleansing and detoxifying your skin. I love the feeling when the mask warms up for a few seconds when you apply it to your face and it works great for combination/oily skin types.

Even though the consistency is fairly thick, I tend to slather lots of it onto my face so I genuinely look like a 'Shrek' and always end up leaving it on for more than 5 minutes! This clay mask does not tighten over your skin and 'pull' like a lot of other clay masks and it really does what it claims on the tin. The charcoal and kaolin clay works amazingly well in cleansing and drawing out the impurities, leaving behind a radiant glow.

My face felt baby smooth and pores were visibly reduced the next morning. I've stocked up on this as it's currently on promo however if you have not tried this, I would really recommend it!

Thanks for reading, see you soon! xoxo

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Betty Boop brings you 'Lancome Hypnose Star' Mascara

Hey y'all! Spoilt myself at the weekend and picked up this lovely mascara! The new Lancome Hypnose Star mascara inspired by 1930's glamour and curls.  The mascara promises to give us 'show-stopping' eyes and old school glamour 'wow with it's black diamond colour.

I don't usually purchase many expensive mascaras as I go by the 3 month rule where I chuck out my mascaras after that time to refrain bacteria from brewing. Therefore to spend £20 plus on a mascara is quite extravagant for me. However the Hypnose range is one of the only ones that I have a guilty-pleasure for, therefore when this new one came out I just couldn't resist!

What I love about it is that it comes with a dual-sided brush which is flat on one side, perfect for piling on the volume onto the root of your lashes, and a curved side to create glamorous curls.

For me, the most important thing in a mascara is to create length (as for oriental girls we barely have lashes hence the falsies!) however I also need to have some volume - this brush is perfect and saves me using 2 or 3 mascaras on top of each other!! LOVE!

I can definitely see why people purchase pricey mascaras though - there is barely any fall-out and it feels so much more luxurious and long lasting compared to my general drug store mascara - no more panda eyes! I think I have been converted ;) and who better to lead the party than the extremely glamorous Betty Boop?

Mmwah mmwah xoxo

Monday, 8 October 2012

Laser Hair Removal Experience


Girls have so many issues don't they? Is it just that we are perfectionists or just plain vain?! Well, me like many other girlies out there I am sure hates any sort of fluff on the body....and go to all means to rid this unsightly 'fluff'!

Like any girl, I have used all the methods out there, while none are long-term some have been pretty effective I guess. Shaving, waxing, plucking, epilation  blah blah blah.....however none are as effective and long lasting as I could wish for. Until that is I discovered.....laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal is proven to permanently 'reduce' hair - even though pricey it seems to be the most effective and fast method.

Some facts...
  • Laser hair removal is a rapid yet gentle way to remove unwanted hair
  • Unlike electrolysis, laser does not touch the skin, therefore the least painful way to treat unwanted hair
  • It uses a light that focuses on the epidermis of the skin and targets unwanted hair. The pigment in the hair absorbs this light and is destroyed thus it is instantly removed and any further growth is reduced. 
  • Targeting the pigmentation, it works best on darker hair  and lighter skin, however many clinics nowadays are able to treat all hair and skin types.
  •  Even though it sounds painful, it is no more than an elastic band flicked lightly onto the skin! 
  • Our hair grows in different phases and laser can only effectively treat active hair follicles. 
  • You will usually require a course of 4-8 treatments to see the full results.
  • Great way of treating ingrown hairs
Remember, it permanently 'reduces' unwanted hair so don't expect to be fluff free forever! Top-ups will be needed to maintain the area once you have had the full course of treatments.

 My personal experience, I can honestly say I was really scared for my first treatment where I got my underarms did ;) (yes vain like lots of girls out there haha!) however the pain was bearable and nothing more than being 'pinged' by an elastic band (quite a few times...)

However the results are astonishing. After my course of 6-8 treatments, the hair just did not grow back and only now (which is a couple years down the line) am I noticing minute regrowth! I loved the results and am determined to go back for more =) It is extremely pricey however, but totally worth it! No more shaving and waxing thank goodness!

Hope this was a useful insight into the scary world of laser treatments =)

Thanks for dropping by xoxo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Forest Retreat

Hey y'all! A picture post for my week in Sherwood Forest ~ enjoy! =)



Robin Hood girl at heart ;)

My new buddy!

That's all folks!

Forest Holidays is one of my favourites as their cabins are awesome and located in amazingly tranquil locations (and not too commercial like Centre Parcs can be) at super affordable prices! 
Definitely worth a visit if you have never been before. 

Thanks for visiting! xoxo

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

AW12 Must-Haves

Hey y'all! With the cool weather finally creeping through it appears that Fall has finally arrived which can only mean one thing - a new wardrobe! A few of my must-haves and desires for AW12, enjoy! =)

'The Biker'
Balmain Leather & Shearling Biker 

A biker this season is a must, and this Balmain mix biker is to die for - but at over £4k, one can only dream...

 'Floral Prints'
Floral Cropped Trousers - H&M

Prints are massive for fall, and my fave print is the floral with this pair from H&M being my fave and super affordable! 

'The Low-Heel'
Valentino Rockstud

Forget sky-high heels, it's all about the low heel this season - at least we can now walk in our heels! Valentino's in nude are chic yet edgy ;)

'The Little Black Clutch'

YSL Chyc Clutch

Clutches were all over LFW this week and my go-to choice would be this YSL 'LBC' (Little Black Clutch) which will take you from day to night!

'The Over-Size'
Wine-Hue Over-Size Coat by Victoria Beckham

 One item that I have to buy every Fall is a new coat, and the one item that I am willing to spend most on as for me, this piece will be worn to death! I especially love this over-size style from Victoria Beckham's collection. Apart from being my fave Spice Girl from when I was young, her minimalist designs are one of the main reasons I love her collections so much.

'Statement Knit'

Scarf-Print Knit by Warehouse

What better way to keep warm and snug when the cold weather hits than with a statement knit - this scarf-print woven number is a gorgeous take on the trend, especially if teamed with the below dress... ;)

'Leather Luxe'

Cut-Out Skirt by ASOS

Working three trends in one with this burgundy cut-out leather skirt by ASOS. 

'The Equestrian'

'Givenchy' Inspired Riding Boots by Zara

The Givenchy 'glove' leather boots are on everyone's wish list this AW, however this Zara pair will be much more friendly to our purses... ;)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

D.I.Y Threading

Like a lot of girls out there I hate any type of fuzz on my body and will go to extreme lengths to get shot of this hair! Threading is one of my favourite methods to go to as it is quick, pretty painless and extremely effective! For those who have not experienced threading, it is an ancient method of hair removal originating from Iran and is extremely popular in India.

The technique is simple; practitioners will use a piece of cotton thread that is rolled over unwanted hair and drawing this hair from its follicles which is similar to tweezing yet thread can remove a whole row of hair therefore the process is much faster and can create a much straighter line.

My first ever experience threading was 'tingly' shall i say, though not painful. I must admit, I wasn't used to my eyebrows being so defined and 'neat' to begin with and I definitely would not be able to pluck so neatly with tweezers.

Effective as it is, going a few times a month can get costly plus sometimes I just don't have the time so I thought I'd try my hand at threading myself. Yes, DIY threading. It took a few attempts to master and I started on the upper lip first as this was much easier as no shaping was required.

Here are a few simple steps:

1. Cut a piece of cotton thread, approximately 10-15cm and tie the two ends together so it forms a circle (snip off any extra hanging thread on the knot)

Tie the ends of the thread together so they form a circle.

2. Hold the thread with with both hands (I prefer placing the thread on my index and middle finger on both the left and right hand as it gives more control) to create a ring. Whilst in this position, twist the thread about 6-7 times until a figure '8' is created (ensure the knot is not in the middle of the thread)

Twist the hand without the knot five or six times, while holding the other section of the thread tightly (this is to avoid getting the knot in the middle of the thread).

4.  The twisted thread in the middle is the part that removes the hair - practise by opening one hand whilst closing the other at the same time like a scissor motion (you will notice that the twisted thread in the middle will move left to right)

Practice opening one hand, while closing the other at the same time.

5. Press the rolled part of the thread (centre part) onto the area of skin that you want the hair removed

Hold your hands so your fingers are facing away from your face, and position them over one eyebrow.

6. If you are doing your eyebrows, place the triangle of the thread as seen in the below pic, so that the hair you want to pluck is between the thread and thread against the direction of growth.

Place the triangle of the thread, so that the hair you want to pluck is within the thread.

7.  Closing one hand whilst the thread is pressed against your skin, and opening the other  (like a scissor motion) quickly will pull the hair out!

Close the hand controlling the triangle around the hair, as you open the other hand.

It is quite fiddly to begin with, however practice makes perfect and once you have done it a few times it is fairly easy! I have been practising with the eyebrows, though it takes longer to perfect than the upper lip.

Love that I can now thread without the need of booking in at a salon, saving me $$$ and time!

See you soon! xoxo

Images courtesy of wikihow =)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sweet Sweet Summer

Top | H&M
Shorts | From Hong Kong (Seen here)
Sandals | New Look 

Papa's Birthday

Blazer | Zara  (Seen here)
Bag | Zara (Seen here)

Egg Head!

Bristol Ballon Festival 2012

With the bro


Denim Waist Jacket | From Hong Kong
Crochet Shorts | Zara
Sandals | From Aussie
Watch | Michael Kors
Bracelets | Topshop & New Look
Handbag | Chanel

Snack time ;)

Thanks so much for dropping by! =)