Tuesday, 4 September 2012

D.I.Y Threading

Like a lot of girls out there I hate any type of fuzz on my body and will go to extreme lengths to get shot of this hair! Threading is one of my favourite methods to go to as it is quick, pretty painless and extremely effective! For those who have not experienced threading, it is an ancient method of hair removal originating from Iran and is extremely popular in India.

The technique is simple; practitioners will use a piece of cotton thread that is rolled over unwanted hair and drawing this hair from its follicles which is similar to tweezing yet thread can remove a whole row of hair therefore the process is much faster and can create a much straighter line.

My first ever experience threading was 'tingly' shall i say, though not painful. I must admit, I wasn't used to my eyebrows being so defined and 'neat' to begin with and I definitely would not be able to pluck so neatly with tweezers.

Effective as it is, going a few times a month can get costly plus sometimes I just don't have the time so I thought I'd try my hand at threading myself. Yes, DIY threading. It took a few attempts to master and I started on the upper lip first as this was much easier as no shaping was required.

Here are a few simple steps:

1. Cut a piece of cotton thread, approximately 10-15cm and tie the two ends together so it forms a circle (snip off any extra hanging thread on the knot)

Tie the ends of the thread together so they form a circle.

2. Hold the thread with with both hands (I prefer placing the thread on my index and middle finger on both the left and right hand as it gives more control) to create a ring. Whilst in this position, twist the thread about 6-7 times until a figure '8' is created (ensure the knot is not in the middle of the thread)

Twist the hand without the knot five or six times, while holding the other section of the thread tightly (this is to avoid getting the knot in the middle of the thread).

4.  The twisted thread in the middle is the part that removes the hair - practise by opening one hand whilst closing the other at the same time like a scissor motion (you will notice that the twisted thread in the middle will move left to right)

Practice opening one hand, while closing the other at the same time.

5. Press the rolled part of the thread (centre part) onto the area of skin that you want the hair removed

Hold your hands so your fingers are facing away from your face, and position them over one eyebrow.

6. If you are doing your eyebrows, place the triangle of the thread as seen in the below pic, so that the hair you want to pluck is between the thread and thread against the direction of growth.

Place the triangle of the thread, so that the hair you want to pluck is within the thread.

7.  Closing one hand whilst the thread is pressed against your skin, and opening the other  (like a scissor motion) quickly will pull the hair out!

Close the hand controlling the triangle around the hair, as you open the other hand.

It is quite fiddly to begin with, however practice makes perfect and once you have done it a few times it is fairly easy! I have been practising with the eyebrows, though it takes longer to perfect than the upper lip.

Love that I can now thread without the need of booking in at a salon, saving me $$$ and time!

See you soon! xoxo

Images courtesy of wikihow =)

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