Monday, 6 June 2011

Strawberry Picking

Thought I would share with you my experience when I went strawberry-picking last weekend! It was a beautiful summer's day so me and my boyf decided to go out and enjoy the sun and get in touch with nature ;)

The place was called 'Primrose Vale Farm Shop & PYO' situated near the edge of the Cotswolds where you can go and 'pick your own' from the fifteen different crops available throughout the year. Their most popular is their strawberries-which was what I was there for! As it was only early June, there were only strawberries and gooseberries available to pick.

We ended up walking through the rows and rows of strawberries stuffing our faces at the same time! The strawberries were some of the reddest and sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted! We eventually finished with one basket and for a basket of that size, the total came to just £3.50 approx (much more worth it than your typical box from the supermarkets and 10x's sweeter!)

Super sweet strawberry <3

I would definitely recommend you to go and pick your own fruits and veg if you live near something similar as it was definitely worth the extra few miles drive to get some of the most yummy and fresh produce for a cheaper price!

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