Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Americano Weekend

So the boyf arrived back from America on has already been 4 weeks since he left! Spent the weekend chilling together which was nice :)  He tells me he came back to see me especially....however I found out that the Premier League season started this weekend....hmmm great timing huh? Haha! Can't believe he left for that long....and most likely will have to return there in a couple of days...GREAT! >.< At least he got to travel in STYLE..uber jealous! I have never flown business...YET! Daymmmm! He brought back some yummy American treats....I'm totally in love with the Hershey's chocoloate (especially the white chocolate-cookies & cream....Mmmmmmm nom nom!!!) and I got a new iPod....a big fat upgrade from my 6 year old 6gb iPod mini which doesn't even turn on anymore =( . Now I can put all my music on it and also use it in my car! Woo! ^__^

Boyf sent me this to get me all jealous...yeah yeah Business-Class >.<

American Goodies!

HERSHEY'S! Cookies & Choc are so delicious!

A Willy Wonka bar!!!

Loved all the goodies - especially the Hershey's! Nearly all gone already tho :-( maybe it's not so bad that the boyf is returning after all kekeke! Re-stock time!!! ^_* 

Thanks for reading~goodbye for now! xxx

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