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Hey y'all, this post is all about my travels to the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. Sorry it has taken me a WHILE to write this post but here it is. Hopefully for those that have not been, after reading this will make you want to visit!

So this trip was a surprise for my mama's 50th birthday; even though it took a lot of planning and just as much effort to keep it under wraps - it ended up being a great success and a memorable few days! As you get older, it's rare to go on family holidays so I really do cherish times like these! :)

The main reasons I chose Prague out of other European cities such as Rome, Milan, Madrid and Paris (which were all on the agenda) was 1. We all had never been before 2. Variety of things to do/things to see 3. Price - Prague is one of the cheaper European cities to visit in terms of food/attractions and cheap beer! I don't really drink but if you do, a pint of beer costs around £1.50 - much cheaper than Coke and much bigger! Well, I'm happy we settled for Prague as it turned out to be so worth it!

Prague is one of the most popular Central Eastern European countries to visit, and for me one of the most magical and beautiful cities due to its atmosphere and architecture. Most people don't realise how beautiful the city is until they are there (me being one of them!). The streets were paved in cobblestone as far as the eye could see (even though it hurts your feet after a long day-be warned to wear comfortable shoes!) it created a really historical atmosphere and was perfect for the surroundings.


What struck me most was that the city and it's architecture seemed to be well preserved; the Old Town is surrounded by charming Baroque, Gothic and Rococo architecture and all buildings that seemed to be built at the same time were all present -you did not have the usual mismatch of new and modern buildings wedged between the old. Inevitably, that was what made the Old Town area of the city so magical! There was even a  'Disney' style tower ;)

Old Town Square
Church of Our Lady Before Týn (Disney Tower!)

We spent a total of 4 days there; which I felt was a perfect amount of time to allow you to explore the city and do all the things that you want. As we went in November, the weather was particularly bitter cold and sometimes in the day the temperature can reach 1-3 degrees and even minus at times! That took a while to get used to for my parents however I felt that the cold added to the beautiful atmosphere and romantic feel of the city.

Day 1

Our hotel - Moods Boutique ♥

Old Town Square

Old Town Square at night

The Famous Astronomical Clock 


Pretty side streets

When visiting Prague, it is essential to visit a Medieval-inspired restaurant as the atmosphere is amazing accompanied with the live music from the Czech musicians =) Obviously not forgetting the food of course! Prague cuisine is known to be 'hearty' and 'meaty' and I was definitely not disappointed albeit a little shocked when my meal arrived. Never have I had so much meat in one meal and the size of the portion was shockingly big! Traditional Czech food usually consists of meats such as pork, beef or duck as a main served with potato dumplings (“knedliky”) as a side, and a refreshing Czech Pilsner beer ;) Goulash is also a dish to taste whilst you are there! 
I wouldn't recommend eating Czech food on a daily basis as you would definitely be piling on a few pounds for sure! ;)

'Prague-Style' Massively Meaty Meal!

Medieval-Themed Tavern

A must try is the food stands in the Old Town Square where they sell meats, desserts and drinks! These fresh pretzels were so yummy!

Prague Pretzels

Day 2

On the second day, we went on the 'City Bus Tour' which I think is a must when visiting any city as it takes you to all the major spots so you won't miss anything! The Prague Castle was one of the stops with a beautiful church - especially the interior.

St. Vitus Cathedral


The Old vs. The New

Me and the boyf went off for a wander into 'New Town' area which is deemed more trendy and modern with all the shopping down Wenceslas Square, National Museum, the famous Dancing House and amazing cafes! ;)


The Dancing House


Wenceslas Square, New Town

Yummy Bread-Bowl Soup :)

The Famous Czech Beer

Day 3

In the morning, we hopped back on the tour bus (ticket was valid for 48 hours-amazing!) and headed across the other side of Charles Bridge to the Mala Strana (aka 'Lesser Town' or 'Little Quarter') which is the more quieter and less touristy part of Prague. If you are looking to stay in the country side area of Prague, this is it. It is away from all the tourist hustle and bustle and has beautiful greenery and breath-taking scenery :)


Petrin Viewing Tower

 Day 4

We explored the famous Charles Bridge which decorated with sculptures from the baroque period - one of the most popular tourist destinations in Prague, vibrant day and night, scattered with vendors and entertainers! It is advised to go in the morning to experience a less croweded walk; although a romantic evening walk to admire the breath-taking views of the pretty-lit streets of Prague is also recommended.

Charles Bridge, Vltava River

Boat Rides across the Vltava River

Pretty ^.^

Prague's largest concert hall - Municipal House

Walking up the Astronomical Clock

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my mini insight into the beautiful city of Prague!
Until next time...

..... ciao ciao ;)

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