Friday, 6 April 2012

Borough Market Delights

Hey everyone, it's been a while once again since I last posted, however this time I have a better excuse! Lots has changed since my last post, new job, new life, new home and getting used to the new lifestyle! I have been really busy in the past few months, settling into my new role and readjusting my lifestyle all over! Work inevitably has been tiring hence lack of posts and when I do get time off I just end up going out and making the most of it!

So one of the places I went to last weekend was 'Borough Market' which is right by London Bridge. Borough Market is bursting with excitement and yummy foods, with a diverse cultural audience both selling and buying. 
As I went on a Saturday and one of the first sunny weekends of Spring it was packed with people, walking superbly slow as it was so crowded (similar to a typical night in Mong Kok if any of you have ever been-but less sweaty!)

It is defintely worth a visit and a great excuse to eat lots of lovely scrumptious food! 
Here are a few snapshots from my day, enjoy! 

Nom nom nom ~ Portuguese Tarts

Mushroom Family!


Pimm's O' Clock


Fresh Oysters

Big Paella!
Lamb Kofta Wrap
Watch Buddies ;)

Make sure you visit Borough Market if you are out and about in London town :)
                                           Thanks for reading!

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