Monday, 8 October 2012

Laser Hair Removal Experience


Girls have so many issues don't they? Is it just that we are perfectionists or just plain vain?! Well, me like many other girlies out there I am sure hates any sort of fluff on the body....and go to all means to rid this unsightly 'fluff'!

Like any girl, I have used all the methods out there, while none are long-term some have been pretty effective I guess. Shaving, waxing, plucking, epilation  blah blah blah.....however none are as effective and long lasting as I could wish for. Until that is I discovered.....laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal is proven to permanently 'reduce' hair - even though pricey it seems to be the most effective and fast method.

Some facts...
  • Laser hair removal is a rapid yet gentle way to remove unwanted hair
  • Unlike electrolysis, laser does not touch the skin, therefore the least painful way to treat unwanted hair
  • It uses a light that focuses on the epidermis of the skin and targets unwanted hair. The pigment in the hair absorbs this light and is destroyed thus it is instantly removed and any further growth is reduced. 
  • Targeting the pigmentation, it works best on darker hair  and lighter skin, however many clinics nowadays are able to treat all hair and skin types.
  •  Even though it sounds painful, it is no more than an elastic band flicked lightly onto the skin! 
  • Our hair grows in different phases and laser can only effectively treat active hair follicles. 
  • You will usually require a course of 4-8 treatments to see the full results.
  • Great way of treating ingrown hairs
Remember, it permanently 'reduces' unwanted hair so don't expect to be fluff free forever! Top-ups will be needed to maintain the area once you have had the full course of treatments.

 My personal experience, I can honestly say I was really scared for my first treatment where I got my underarms did ;) (yes vain like lots of girls out there haha!) however the pain was bearable and nothing more than being 'pinged' by an elastic band (quite a few times...)

However the results are astonishing. After my course of 6-8 treatments, the hair just did not grow back and only now (which is a couple years down the line) am I noticing minute regrowth! I loved the results and am determined to go back for more =) It is extremely pricey however, but totally worth it! No more shaving and waxing thank goodness!

Hope this was a useful insight into the scary world of laser treatments =)

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  1. I agree, honestly I do some waxing and other stuffs before but I really don't like it because the hair will grow for just how many days not like the laser hair removal. Although it is pricey, rest assured that you will be satisfied at the end.

  2. Hair removal, personally, isn’t like being excessively concerned about one’s appearance. Jack’s right. We, guys, also take cosmetic procedures like this, and it’s not entirely about vanity. It’s just that hair is just not flattering at all when they’re not in the right places.

    --> Jacinto

  3. Many women find waxing as time taking and annoying practice, the hair grows back and you have to repeat the process once or twice a month, by laser hair removal you can get rid of unwanted hair completely.