Thursday, 10 May 2012

Life as it is right now...

I never seem to have enough time or should I say 'energy' after a long tiring day at work to write on here....but whenever I do, it's always a lot of fun and I want to make it me often!

In our busy society today, people put too much pressure on themselves in everyday life and me myself - I am exactly one of those individuals! Maybe it is true when they say that girls always set themselves too high expectations and at the same time are the ones who are always disappointed when these goals are not reached. Though I do believe that you should have aspirations, goals and dreams. Life isn't always about striving to be the best, rich and successful etc etc however doing things that make you happy - you only live once as the saying goes!

Since the last few years, I have really learnt to appreciate what I have, the people around me more and I think that has also come with age. Getting older has definitely changed the way I think and perceive life. I used to be a think ahead, plan plan plan, and am a 'always think of the consequences' kind of girl, however recently I just want to enjoy today for today and try not to think so ahead (though I am still like that in some things!).

With a new job, new place and new lifestyle this year, my life has definitely changed and I see myself getting closer to reaching my goal, both personally and professionally. Having been through so many ups and downs, I am a strong believer of  'all things happen for a reason' even if the reason is unexplainable or unjustifiable. There will never be an answer for everything, and sometimes we have to accept that...maybe we will never know.

I am looking forward to what this year will bring and it is definitely a stepping stone to the future, especially in terms of career. Landing a role as an health and beauty buyer is a blessing in disguise; I am looking forward to my next adventure as a result of this experience. It is true what my parents have taught me - you need to work hard for what you want - and I intend to do so!
"The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary." 
Wise words! Unless you win the lottery that is...until next time...take care! <3


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