Monday, 14 May 2012

Gold Rush


Hey everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend! The weather was so beautiful and sunny, yet come Monday it is already gloomy and wet. I had an amazing weekend doing what I love most - shopping! You can never beat a day out on Oxford Street amongst the busy crowds on a warm sunny day! ;) The boyf did not seem to agree however...! Since he is away for a few days, thought I would start up on my blog posts again...and begin with one of my favourite things - accessories!

When I was younger, my fave colour jewellery was definitely and HAD to be silver. However, the past few years I have been obsessed with gold, gold and more gold. This weekend, I gave in to more gold jewellery whilst out!

I absolutely adore bangles and cuffs as it adds so much edge and statement to any outfit. These are a few of my faves! The intertwined one is from HK and cost me only $20!!! Next time I am there I am going to top up on more jewels as you can buy the same thing there that would cost £10-£20 here.

The watch-link style bracelets in rose gold and gold/yellow were a few I picked up this weekend. Love the colours on these! My fave in my collection at the moment are the cuffs on the right with the hanging chain which look so cute stacked together. 

Can't wait to wear this what I'm calling the 'mayor' inspired necklace! Such a statement piece which will add a bit of chique to a minimal outfit. Also picked up the layered link bracelet (also features on the 1st image) on the far left, which creates fab texture with its thin chains intertwined with the chunky links. Both are from H&M.

Gold is perfect for summer so I can't wait for it to get warmer to showcase all the bling ;)

Thanks for reading guys, have a great evening.

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  1. Your photos are so pretty! I love all the inspirations and the "Virual shopping" photos! :)