Saturday, 19 May 2012

'Top 10 Current Obsessions'

Currently Coveting Over... 


I've been umming and ahh-ing over this bag for sooo long, and when I say long like over two years! Now that I have finally decided to go for it, the GGH is now being d/c. Booohooo!
Seems like it's sold out in Europe and only available in the US so I am waiting for my friend bring one back when she visits Vegas next month - fingers crossed they will save me one!


A classic item that I have been meaning to buy but never got round to it be due to money constraints or timing. Now that I have my holiday booked and earning $$$, will definitely be picking up a pair soon!


Currently coveting over this baby as well...not usually a Prada fan as I find their designs a bit boring however I have fallen for this one for its 'Hermes' esque' classic style! LOVE!

Just can't decide whether I want to go for the classic black, or go for the caramel....


The new 'IT' bag currently seems to be the Celine luggage or the 'sad robot' bag as some like to call it...

Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!

5. Isabel Marant High-Top Trainers

Never in my life have I been a fan of wearing trainers, unless they were Keds or Converse, however when I saw these high tops with a hidden wedge - I immediately fell in love! 

The luxe sport trend is definitely a marmite kinda thing - you either love it or hate it! With a hefty price tag of £400 for a pair of these babies, I've picked myself out a high-street version from River Island at a much more affordable price!


LOVING the hot neon trend currently and with the blazer trend going strong; all you need to do is add a splash of bold colour to brighten up the rainy days!

Throw over a simple white shirt or pair with skinny jeans for a super hot look! I'm in search of a yellow neon blazer at the moment but just can't seem to find the right yellow- Zara has an amazing one however seems to edge more towards neon green -.-


Really excited to get my hands on some neon yellow nail polish...add to my neon obsession! Illamasqua and Essie are the two brands I want to try most as I have read good reviews on them! =)


8. YSL Teint Resist Foundation

Looking to change my foundation and I'm eager to try out the YSL Teint Resist. I'm constantly in search of a HG foundation that will stay put all day, covers up imperfections as well as being non-oily for my skin.

 I've read good things about this and can't wait to try it out! Shame that it costs over £30!

9. Vaseline Rosy Lips

Currently my fave lip balm, I nicked this from my mama's draw last weekend when I was home after leaving my usual Carmex in London. Boy was I surprised by how much I loved what I thought was just a 'typical' tin of Vaseline. With almond oil, this is extra nourishing on the lips and left a lovely soft pink tint. 



Uber excited to go away in a few weeks time. We chose Valencia as it allows us to have both a city and beach holiday at the same time. With some gorgeous beaches near the main city of Valencia where we will be staying, I can stroll to top up my tan and then head out in the evening for some shopping and partying ;)

Hope you had fun reading, see you next time! <3

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