Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hola from Valencia

We took a short break to Valencia, Spain in the beginning of June for the boyf’s birthday. It was a much needed break for the both of us, and the first time off since starting my new job so indeed I was excited!

Valencia is situated on the Western part of the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the few cities with so many beaches dotted close to the city and was one of the major deciding factors for us. I love relaxing on the beach when I’m away, however I am also one of those people who can easily get bored lying on a beach too long hence Valencia was perfect for me – beautiful beaches and a colourful and busy city infused with plenty of shopping and sightseeing! 

Weather was fabulous for the time we went with temperatures reaching 30 plus degrees every day and some days even hitting 35 degrees! However with a gentle breeze and the laid-back Spanish culture, it was such a dreamy and fun place to be.

Here's my picture diary for you...enjoy ;)

Did you know that paella was first discovered in Valencia?

Tapas - 'Spanish Sushi' :)

Mercado Central Market

Spanish Carnival   

'Cappucino' cafe

Fell in love with the coffee... <3

Valencia is a beautiful city to visit, with amazing food, great coffee, lovely beaches and wonderful weather.
 I had such a fab time there are picked up a great tan! Would really recommend a visit if you are looking for a beach holiday with a little bit more.

Until next time, adios! xoxo

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