Monday, 25 June 2012

My First Glossybox

Got my first ever Glossybox last week! Was super impressed with the gorgeous packaging it came in and the box is definitely a keeper =) Even though I was so excited by the exterior, I was even more excited to see what it was tht was waiting for me in the box itself!

Too pretty to unwrap!

To be perfectly honest, I was not entirely impressed with my first Glossybox at first glance and the products that came did not really excite me and I ended up leaving my box on the side for a few days before properly going through it this weekend.

First, the HD brows tweezers - which do not fair close to my Tweezermans which are my all time go to tweezers, nor my cheaper Jemma Kidd tweezers which are similar to these but are less harsh when against the skin.  

Then we had the Glossybox brush. I was a bit disappointed because I got this box to try out different products rather than tools thus 2 items out of the 5 being tools was not what I wanted =( Bristles were not very soft and it just didn't feel very luxurious to use.

Thirdly, we have the Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner which was a product I really liked! I hate buying products for my hair most of the time as I barely brush it, or even treat my hair very nice to be honest (I'm just lucky that it is poker straight and barely requires any effort) so I was chuffed to receive this for my poorly mistreated locks! Loved the feeling of it after applying it to damp hair as it left my hair silky soft when dried.

 The Vichy Dermablend was one of my fave products from the box which I didn't expect to like. It worked really well covering up blemishes and marks on my face and stayed put. Am considering purchasing a full-sized stick!


The final product from this month's Glossybox was the BM Beauty Bronzer. I don't really use bronzer much nowadays, I remember back at school I used to plaster it on and constantly want to look tanned ;) however nowadays I prefer the more 'flushed' cheeks look rather than the tango look! However, since summer is here I have picked up a couple of bronzers again so this came at the perfect time.

Loved the pigmentation of this product and the shade gave a lovely glow that was not too 'tangoed'. It lasted throughout the day too which was a plus. Shame about the packaging for this and that it is such a small sample though as once I stick my make-up brush in I lose so much of the particles *sob*

Overall I wasn't overly impressed with my box this month, however I am still looking forward to the next one - hopefully it will have more items that I want to try out.

Thanks for reading peeps, xoxo

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