Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vegas Virtual Shopping

Crystals - Las Vegas

So out of the blue, me and my bestie discovered a new way to shop... 'virtual shopping'! This post is merely about my transatlantic shopping experience  in Vegas and my new purchase which I have forever dreamt about! ;)

Please excuse the blurry images as these are hot off her phone haha :)


I've been coveting over this bag like forever, so now that I am all content and settled I was ready to go for it....except that now the bag had sold out across Europe due to it being discontinued *sob*. Searching high and low for this baby, when I heard my friend was going to be holidaying in the US, I jumped at the chance for her to pick one up ;)

A sneak preview of the store she visited and flexed the plastic..... ;)

Our virtual shopping trip was soley through the means of 'Whatsapp' where she was sending me images everything she saw - YSL, Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, Balenciaga....and the list goes on!

The powers of internet is just amazing isn't it?! Even though I was not there, I actually felt like I was from the live updates she was giving me haha!

Ooh la la!

At the start of my friend's shopping spree she was edging towards a Prada or YSL, however by the end my magical persuasive powers from across the pond made her go for a B bag herself ;) We have such similar style and always fall for the same things so it's a shame we live so far away from each other as I can't steal her stuff anymore :(

The Box! (Excuse the lighter...she is a bit of a chimney ;) )

My City!

Even though my bestie is returning home from her hols tomorrow, as she lives in HK I won't be getting my hands on this baby till Christmas *sob*. I said  I would visit her over Christmas - for dame sure you bet I will be there now! Such a long wait...for now I will just have to gawp over the pictures...

Miss you Chanel ^.^

Currently trying to update my blog, still all so new to this html stuff so bear with me whilst I learn something new everyday.

Thanks for reading guys! <3

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