Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dr Jart Facial Skincare

Hey'all! So I have been looking for a new face wash - one that was not too expensive, yet not too cheap if that even makes sense! When I walked past a shelf stacked full of Dr Jart products my eyes lit up and I ended up picking up more than I needed. I've only ever used their bb creams so was intrigued to try out their skincare range.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Dr Jart, it's a famous Korean brand well known for their bb creams and used to only be available online and in Asia. Now, you can shop a range of their products at Boots!

Dr Jart Bubble Foam

From the Pore Refine Range I picked up the Dr Jart Bubble Foam - I guess this is what I initially went in for, however expected to leave with a typical cleanser I was quite excited to try this out! This was the cheapest of the bunch at about £13 which is fairly decent I think.

This reminded me of the Fancl Washing Powder which turns into a foam and lathers up on your face! This did exactly the same thing and left my face all silky and soft. I also noticed that oil from the t-zone was visibly reduced during the day.

Dr Jart Re-Tighten Mask

I've been on the look-out for a similar clay mask to my Sanctuary Spa Thermal clay mask and was close to splurging on the Origins mask, until I saw this. Slightly more pricey than the Sanctuary clay mask at £16, I was willing to try this out to compare. The consistency is much thinner than that of the Sanctuary mask, and dried slightly hard - however nothing like the 'cement' style masks you can get I assure you!

After using this, my skin felt visibly smoother and with a glow. Even though I did miss the heating up element from my Sanctuary mask, this really did refine my pores on my nose and my skin felt more taut after! Face lift in a bottle =) Thumbs up!

Dr Jart Water Max Sleeping Mask

I've always been sceptical with sleeping masks - I mean what happens when you toss and turn during your sleep? Surely your pillow case will be covered?! Nonetheless, I was intrigued to try one and because my skin has become so dry from the cold weather lately, I felt like my skin really needed some hydration and this sounded like the perfect product.

At £26, this was the most pricey of the bunch, however with the 3 for 2 offer, it wasn't too bad!
Applying this was like applying moisturiser - it was so thin and creamy, not wet or thick at all like I expected. It glides on like any face cream and I did not have to worry about transfers onto my sheets.

Waking up in the morning, I washed my face as usual totally forgetting I even had it on! My skin felt moisturised and soft before I had even applied my day cream - love the hydration this mask gives me overnight. Now when I use it I just pile it on like a moisturiser even if a little goes a long way!

I love love love Asian beauty brands (not being biased at all!) and half the time you have to pay over the odds online for them so I am really happy that Dr Jart is stocked in Boots.

Thanks for reading guys xoxo

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