Sunday, 10 March 2013

Topshop Peel Off Nails

 Hey'all! I been wearing the 'Peel Off' Nails collection from Topshop lately and I'm in love! It reminds me of kiddy nail polish I had when I was younger ;) Even though their range of shades are limited at the moment, the shades that are available are all ones that I would wear hence I bought them all! At £6 (and with 10% student discount if you have it) is not too bad.

My faves are 'On the blink'- a gorgeous blue and 'What's up' - a hot pink! I applied two coats and the polish did not chip at all, lasting well over three days - pretty good for me! And then the best part - peeling it all off! (do you remember PVA glue in art class when you were younger!?) It was easy to remove with no residue left on the nail.

All in all, it gave a gorgeous shine and great lasting power (only thing I am worried about is if I did chip it, will it all peel off?! I will see....)

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